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Preparing your home to sell
Moving house is said to be one of the most stressful times of your life - but don't panic too much because it can be easy to take some of the stress out of the process.
First impressions of outside your home always count. Kerb appeal is vital because many potential buyers will often first drive by your home before deciding if they would like to view it.
* Make sure hedges tiding up, any fencing is repaired and made good, uneven paving stones are re-laid or the lawn and garden weeded and tidied up.
* What is the condition of the window frames, doors or façade – could they do with a lick of paint to bring them back to life and smartened up the whole appearance of your property.
These kind of jobs are quick and cheap to do, and make the world of difference and you don't need to spend a fortune sprucing up your home when preparing to sell.
* Give cupboards a new lease of life by replacing cupboard and drawer handles with new and stylish ones.
* Make sure that any cracks or holes are filled and painted to show that things are in a good state of repair.
* Remove any mouldy grout or broken tiles in your bathroom and have your bathroom sparkling.
* Repair any dripping taps and leaking guttering.
* If you have any squeaky floorboards put talc in between the boards to stop this happening.
* Fix those leaky faucets and broken doorknobs.
* Replace any broken/cracked or misty windows.
* Finish any home projects that were started.

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way to freshen up a home. Also, if you have many different coloured rooms consider neutralising the colour to appeal to as many prospective buyers as possible.

While many of these things might not sound important you want buyers to feel that your house has been well looked after.

A few more simple tips:-

* Make sure there is no litter in front or around your house.
* A tub of flowers are always bright and welcoming
* Draw back curtains and blinds and let as much light into the property as possible.
* De-clutter your home and remove some of your personal items, again this will give the impression of space and also allow the viewer to visualise their things in the property.
* Bedding and towels are fresh and clean and matching.
* Have someone take your pet for a walk whilst having a viewing and remove
any pet beds etc. Unfortunately, not everyone is an animal lover!
* Empty any full and messy cupboards, cellar or outbuildings, , again this will give the impression of space and also allow the viewer to visualise their things in the property.
* Plug-in deodorizers or scented candles will make a house smell pleasant.